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Semi Permanent Lip Stain:

Semi permanent tattooed lips are the latest 'must have' 

Our lips can start to lose shape as we get older, along with their natural colouring. We want to bring out the best of your lips and bring a lovely colour back to them!

We know how annoying it can be to constantly have to reapply lip stick or gloss after eating, drinking and even working.


Day to day, you can now leave those expensive lippies behind and have the shape and colour reintroduced into those luscious lips. We know you're probably scared about the pain... don't be! We get a pain rating from each client and they're always pleasantly surprised at the end of their treatment. We are able to give you the perfect pout you have always wanted by redefining the lip border and replacing colour where It has naturally diminished. We can give you the most natural enhancement or something a little more vibrant for those wanting the wow factor! Please make sure you take a look at the images to understand the diversity of what Chloe can offer.

There are plenty of gorgeous colours to choose from and best of all, the choice is completely yours!

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