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Semi Permanent Eyeliner:

Semi permanent tattooed eyeliner is a fantastic way to frame your eyes.

Our eyes are so beautifully unique and are part of what makes us, us! We want to bring out the best of your eyes and really make them 'pop.'

We know how difficult drawing eyeliner on is and it's even harder to get it to match!

Why not say 'no' once and for all to the eyeliner pencil and have hassle free eyeliner tattooed on. We know you're probably scared about the pain... don't be! We get a pain rating from each client and they're always pleasantly surprised at the end of their treatment. You no longer need to spend half an hour each morning trying to get those eyeliner wings to match... we can do it for you and even better, you can wake up with it still on each day!

Eyeliner choices and colours vary, you can have whichever style you wish.

Whether that be a thin eyelash enhancement for a subtle 'fresher' look, or a big, bold winged latino liner, we can do it! The eyeliner is pre drawn on, just like the semi permanent eyebrows so that you know the end goal which you're aiming for. Still not convinced? Book yourself a free consultation with Chloe Louise today and you'll wonder why it took you so long!

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